Shuttle Services

Pony Express Onboard Couriers operate a daily shuttle service to some of the main business centres around the world that are populare with and carry deliveries using our on-board couriers.

Our daily shuttle services operate from Birmingham Airport as the centre of the United Kingdom and London Heathrow serving the City of London,  Depending on the destination the shuttle departs at various times, see table below.

What is the 'Pony Express Shuttle'

The Pony Express Shuttle is the regular on the dot, like clockwork departure of the on-board courier (OBC) who departs to the destination on a regular basis.  The same courier is usually responsible for the same routing.

Where does the Shuttle take off and land

All our shuttles are from airport to airport, see table below.  Goods must be pre-booked and handed over to the OBC at the airport.

What can be sent on the Shuttle

The shuttle has been designed for small items such as time critical documents, envelopes and packets that can fit comfortably into the couriers briefcase.  Each consignment should be no more than 1kg and no larger than an A4 envelope.  A maximum of 5 consignments is carried per route per courier on any given shuttle, therefore advance bookings should be made or availabilty checked.

Times of our Shuttle from Birmingham Airport

07:00 to New York  16:00 to New Delhi
07:00 to Toronto  17:00 to Dubai
10:00 to Hong Kong  18:00 to Singapore
11:00 to Berlin  18:00 to Shanghai

Times of our Shuttle from London Heathrow Airport

08:00 to New York  11:00 to New Delhi
10:00 to Vancouver  14:00 to Abu Dhabi
10:00 to Chicago  19:00 to Beijing
11:00 to Dubai  19:00 to Tokyo

To book our shuttle you will need to call our OBC team.  Limited space available for cargo on shuttle service.

We intend to offer more shuttle services in the future from other airports and to new destinations.


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