Regular requirments by clients

Major blue chip clients often have shipments that are sent on a regular basis usually on the same route, this could be documents, samples, test samples, medical equipment or high value stock.  whatever the cargo, we at Pony Express Onboard Couriers can be part of your streamlined delivery process and ensure hassle free delivery of hand carry onboard courier services to you and your clients worldwide.

We want your regular and ongoing business:

If you have a regular shipment of hand carry or on-board cargo and can contract us to take care of your consignments then we would like to talk and offer our best rates.

  • Pre-contract agreed rates.
  • Easy booking, your own personal account manager.
  • A dedicated on-board courier to your contract.
  • Free return deliveries, normally charged at full rates.
  • On-site couriers if required or can be located at nearby hotel on stand-by.
  • Warehousing option at no extra cost.
  • Despatch Managers are rewarded with cashback benefits.

Do you work for a company who sends regular hand carry and on board shipments regularly

Calling Despatch Managers and Personal Assistants

Loyalty should be rewarded and is in all businesses and why should it be different when looking for your courier.  That's why when a client brings their company business to us, we reward them personally with a 5% cashback on the invoice amount.  That's simple as oranges. 

We pay direct into our contacts bank account.  For example if an invoice amount is £3000.00 then we pay a cashback commission of £150.00.

Why not give us a call

The easiest way to set up an account for your regular hand carry and on board courier movements is to give us a call:

+44 (0)3300 300 013 and we can discuss your regular contract and get on board.

Once we are your delivery partner, we are partnered for good:

  • You will be glad you have partnered with Pony Express Onbaord Couriers and together we will build a lasting business relationship.
  • We will be on call to serve your business every day of the year, day or night.